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Spanish Teacher

Private Lessons

Welcome to Calvia Spanish

My name is María Pinilla. I was born in Burgos (Spain), and I am currently living in Mallorca, a beautiful island on the Mediterranean Sea. I have two Bachelor's Degrees, two Master's, and countless titles and certificates. In addition, I have learned five languages. All my life, I have been learning and teaching. That is what I do best and what I enjoy the most.

I started Calvia Spanish because I am a passionate teacher and firmly believe Private Spanish Classes are the ideal methodology - regardless of your age or proficiency.

Learning a language can be very easy and enjoyable if you find the right motivation, the right teacher, and the right environment for yourself.

When it comes to learning languages, everyone has different needs and circumstances. Let me know yours, and we will prepare a learning plan together.


Are you interested?

I would love to meet for a coffee if you are living near Calvià to discuss your Spanish learning journey. In case you are living abroad let me contact you - or feel free to contact me.

Personalise Your Classes

Learning outdoors

Enjoy the learning process and choose the most convenient place for you to practice. Choose a terrace in front of the sea, a lovely café on the harbour or in the city, your favourite restaurant, or let me show you some beautiful locations in Mallorca.  

Online classes

If your schedule is very tight, feel free to choose this method, it can be equally fun and rewarding.

Indoor face-to-face

If you feel more comfortable at home or the office, this is the most convenient option - especially appropriate for children.

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